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Operations Consulting

Standard Operating Procedures

We help you codify all the knowledge that your organization has, using engaging and attractive formats that drive adoption by your team. For remote organizations, sharing knowledge and defining best practices is critical for success.


Operational Excellence

In a competitive and globalised marketplace where customers have higher requirements than ever before, organisational excellence has proved to play a critical part in the search for sustainable success

The ever-changing marketplace competition and digital technology disruption in the volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous environment requires companies to reimagine their operations and processes in a holistic way to stay ahead of competitors and drive desired business outcomes.

And so your operations and processes are essential to your company’s ability to deliver value to get you where you want to be.

We help organisation to address these challenges by architecting and delivering world-class business capabilities while acting as a key pillar in any successful business transformation through Operational Excellence practice.

Here is how we can help;

  • Enterprise services strategy and operating model
  • General and administrative strategic cost reduction
  • General and administrative transformation (people, process and technology)
  • Front, middle, and back-office performance improvement
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Performance optimisation strategy
  • Continuous improvement and lean transformation
  • Optimisation of launch management and maintenance systems
  • Operations excellence in services and indirect functions
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Operations KPI cascades and reporting
  • Production and management systems
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Global operating model design


Operations Strategy Development & Review

Articulating business strategy is a great first step, and many companies do this annually. The second step, often overlooked, is to develop the Operational Strategy for your team to meet those goals. Armed with your goals, Operational Strategy works with your team to develop implementation plans and identify strengths, gaps, opportunities, and threats to your organization’s ability to meet those goals. Getting caught up in one silo, and missing the operational perspective of evaluation from every angle happens quite more often. Internally, it is also difficult to call out concerns when one is unsure how raising those issues will be received by the entire organization.

That is where we come in, we help develop your playbook from there. Who is doing which initiatives, When, How, Where, and What does “done” look like? What risks may derail the plan; how to mitigate? What support is needed? How will the team work together? We think holistically so you can achieve results.

Operational Due Diligence

The most common types of due diligence deal with legal and financial aspects of a business. Question you should ask yourself are: How do you verify the companies’ claims about operational excellence? How do you value your operational assets?

When we carry out for your organisation, we focus on understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of the business and is complementary to other aspects of due diligence i.e legal and financial.

This is how we help as an investor or during a merger and acquisition but also just to make sure that  

Operational Turnaround

So how do we turn around the situation while considering operational initiatives that are ongoing and sustain a turnaround? Is your organisation in need of a turnaround? We help organisations look at their purchasing, production, distribution be it in service or manufacturing. How We Can Help;

  • Manufacturing and warehouse rapid turnaround
  • Manufacturing/distribution footprint redesign
  • Distribution operations and 3pl sourcing
  • End-to-end supply chain transformation
  • Fleet operations and transportation performance improvement

Developing a Value-driven Strategy Execution Roadmap

Establishing an execution roadmap for your business strategy, leveraging processes as an organizing lens, to effectively identify and prioritize transformation initiatives. This is essential to meet the challenges for the much more dynamic “next generation” enterprise. Creating the roadmap for delivering business improvements and the sustainable process management capability to deliver it faster and with greater certainty.

Performance Measurement

At ITMC we help organisations align operational activities with strategic business priorities that include balanced scorecards, metrics and a closed-loop performance measurement system.

By properly designing and implementing measurements, you can drive the right decisions and behaviours throughout diverse operations. And you can answer key questions like:

  1. How do we gain visibility to operations?
  2. Are we linking long-term strategic objectives to operational-level measures?
  3. Are we measuring the right things?
  4. How are performance measures interrelated?
  5. Are we improving our internal business processes?
  6. How does measurement become proactive?

The purpose of measurement is to measure, communicate, manage and improve business performance. We help you do that.

Setting up the BPM Organization and Governance

Helping to shape and implement the process management organization and necessary governance to meet the needs of the dynamic “next generation” enterprise. This is critical to aligning the core BPM capability as an enabler of the broader process management capability across the organization to produce real value like agility and standardization, innovation, conservation of good practices, quality or efficiency.

Enterprise Architecture, Modelling and Repositories

Establish an outcome-focused enterprise architecture and process repository to achieve enable a value-driven BPM-Discipline. This includes standards and guidelines to set up and maintain a successful enterprise repository. It recognizes the need to focus on being relevant to business people and explain how the repository improves and simplifies their work.

Process Design and Improvement

We help you improve existing processes, implement continuous improvement tools or design new processes from scratch with your team. We keep in mind the challenges of a distributed organization


Rapid Process Improvement

Especially suited for Small and Medium enterprises and divisions of large organizations, Rapid Process Improvement is implemented by identifying the key value drivers of your organisation. We develop repositories where we collect and structure the AS IS business operating model. We use the BPM-D® framework to develop improvement actions and the To-Be process models. Through the implementation and execution, the process improvement strategy should form the lynchpin for the business strategy of the organisation.

Business Process Standardization and Harmonization

In a time of change, businesses need to be agile and customer-driven. We have developed an innovative way to categorize processes, identifying those that need to be adaptable and unfettered, while brokering the identification of the standard processes that should be simplified and harmonized. We then work with organizations to implement five process management enablers that are critical in achieving practical standardization and harmonization.

Process Led ERP

Our approach focusses on creating business value through a Process led ERP implementation. We do this by focussing on High impact processes and identifying how to utilise the best in market tools to ensure that your organisation’s needs are met while not overpowering the end user. We pay special attention towards the correct degree of Standardisation, while also allowing capabilities for innovation, ensuring that your company’s value drivers are always at the centre of our strategy. We develop with you, the required processes and governance, to allow a successful adoption/adaptation of the ERP tools.


Execution of Process Improvement Work Packages

Result of design and improvement initiatives are work packages that drive the realization of the desired improvement. We work with you to execute those work packages. These include people, technology and general organization execution activities.


Customer Journey Mapping

To improve the customer experience, we identify their major touch points with the organization. We then work with you to design and then transform the “Journeys” from a customer perspective. Using engaging design thinking approaches we work with you to identify the optimal process for your client enabled by innovative people and technology solutions.

Strategic supply management

It’s critical to build your supply base with a highly competitive cost, value and service profile — transforming supply management into a strategic enabler for your business. Here are some of the ways we support our clients:

  • Digital procurement
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Procurement operating model (organisation, processes and governance)
  • Category strategy and management
  • Direct material design-to-value and should-cost
  • Supplier relationship, risk and performance management
  • Complex procurement support


Supply chain

By developing end-to-end supply chains that are tailored to your market needs, we can leverage the latest digital technologies and provide competitive advantage in terms of service level, cost and asset efficiency, and flexibility. Here are some of our focus areas:

  • Digital supply chain design and analytics
  • End-to-end supply chain strategy and operating model
  • Integrated business planning and execution
  • Supply chain network redesign
  • Logistics, transportation, and distribution optimisation
  • Inventory and working capital optimisation
  • Reverse (post-sales) logistics
  • Supply chain risk management


Product Value Management

We help clients to increase product value and reduce product cost operating both technical and commercial levers as well as in setting up their product value management organizations. Our services include:

  • Competitor teardown and benchmarking
  • Value-based requirements engineering
  • Design-to-Value
  • Value Engineering
  • Should Cost Modelling incl. supplier negotiation support
  • PVM organizational design
  • PVM training
  • Digital Product Value Management
  • Software cost reduction
  • Value based technology strategy development



By linking your manufacturing strategies with your business strategy, we can focus on your differentiating core capabilities and drive your competitive advantage in the market. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Digital manufacturing
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Make-or-buy and network configuration
  • Technology selection
  • Manufacturing footprint design
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Manufacturing operating model
  • Manufacturing excellence and implementation

Shared Services

We help simplify and standardize processes to improve data accuracy and service delivery, create lean centres of excellence and, ultimately, give business unit leaders more time to focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Here is how we can help;

  • Design and Implementation of shared services

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