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Finance Advisory

At ITMC our Financial Advisors provide businesses with financial advice in order to improve financial strategy, create more efficient procedures, and ultimately maximize revenue. With an in-depth understanding of the fiscal world, our financial consultants carefully examine monetary aspects of businesses and are often able to offer insight that may not be apparent to those within the organization. During times of slow growth or while facing other uncertainties reach out to us, we can help you think through.

Go-To-Market & Revenue Growth
Profitable growth is the lifeline of any company. It drives up valuation, attracts and retains talent, and keeps a company thriving. But profitable growth requires strong process discipline, results-based accountability, and an expert grasp of analytics. It also requires the actionable insight into customer profiles that enables companies to attract, engage, and retain customers over time. We work with growth-minded companies to capture the full value from their existing offerings and help design new and effective ways to go to market to bend the revenue curve

Turnaround Financing
We ensure turnaround plans for your organisation are sufficient to build the trust and confidence of all key stakeholders and that their support is maintained throughout the process by working with the Chief Finance Officer Finance Manager. How We Can Help;
• Debt and equity solutions to maintain liquidity
• Cash and working capital management programs – radically improving cashflow
• Cost Reduction, Margin Enhancement and Profit Improvement
• Solvent closure – wind-down assessment and implementation

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