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International Talent Management Consulting

We deliver ‘value for money’ to our clients by emphasizing and understanding their business management and human resource needs and providing practical recommendations on improving and strengthening the human capital.

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Strong client referral

Guaranteed turnaround time

highly qualified and committed team

Streamlined work culture

About Us

Our Vision

ITMC to become a Business Advisory, Management & Operations consultancy, Training and Human Resources Development and Industry Research Company whose aim is to achieve leadership in Eastern Africa in Business Advisory, developing and retaining superior human capital within our clients’ establishments, to create long term shareholder value with a strong and clear dedication to our clients”

Our Services

Our expertise and experience will ensure quality, reliability and timely execution of service at the most competitive rates.

Staff Training

Staff training is a very key element of that developments segment for the employee. ITMC has skilled and certified trainers who have experience globally training a divers group of employees across all industries. .

Finance Advisory

At ITMC our Financial Advisors provide businesses with financial advice in order to improve financial strategy, create more efficient procedures, and ultimately maximize revenue.

Operations Consulting

We help you codify all the knowledge that your organization has, using engaging and attractive formats that drive adoption by your team. For remote organizations, sharing knowledge and defining best practices is critical for success.

Human Resource

Every organisation says people are the greatest assets. At ITMC, we can help you structure and design to from systems to initiatives that they espouse the appreciation from the beginning that the people are your greatest assets.


Our research projects are application-driven and stimulated by various problems arising in practice. We can carry out industry specific research or company specific research.

Strategy Planning & Execution

We help clients improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals, with foresight and analysis of competitive dynamics and considering the clients’ key capabilities.


  • Focused & Qualified Team

    We provide you with the opportunity to partner with a team of highly focused Management and Human Resource experts, people with the right mix of training, HR & management prowess, business sense and solid communication skills. People who have diverse experience in management and Human Resource and know how to leverage the strength of the entire team to create real value for you.

  • Experience

    Our expertise and experience will ensure quality, reliability and timely execution of service at the most competitive rates.

  • Unmatched Dedication

    At ITMC, we balance our Management, Operations and Human Resourcing talent with practical business sense to achieve unmatched dedication to our customer satisfaction. To our understanding, the power of an organization is most effectively harnessed when the human capital is identified, developed and managed.

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