Balance Score Card

  • If Used Properly the Balanced Scorecard/Strategy Focused Organization provides a proven framework to manage this journey to achieve the 5 principles of the strategy focused organization:

    • 1.Translate strategy into operational terms
    • 2.Mobilize change through executive leadership
    • 3.Govern to make strategy a continual process
    • 4.Motivate to make strategy everyone’s job
    • 5.Align the organization to the strategy

    The balanced scorecard provides a framework to translate the vision and strategy into operational terms. The basic components of a balanced scorecard are:

    • ● Objectives
    • ● Measures,
    • ● Targets and
    • ● Initiatives 

    Strategies are executed through business units. the strategies of the business units must be integrated if organization purpose and synergies are to be achieved

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