Welcome to Talent Management ltd

This company was incorporated as a Management and Human Resource Consultants under the Companies Act (Cap. 486). It is an idea developed after a long time working in consulting and helping companies achieve their goals.

Our Vision

  • ITMC Business Partners to become a Management Consultancy, Training and Human Resources Development Company whose aim is to achieve leadership in Eastern Africa in developing and retaining superior human capital within our clients establishments, in order to create long term shareholder value with a strong and clear dedication to our clients.
  • Our Mission

    Through a thorough understanding of our business partners and human capital management and development needs,ITMC Business Partners will deliver positive outcomes of high quality management or human resource consulting which present a return on their investment while ensuring high productivity for their businesses and ideal employer for the human capital resource.

Why Us

In today's highly competitive world it is actually very difficult to carve a niche for someone and keep competition way behind. We have endlessly endeavoured to keep to our high set standards so that our credibility in the market of being a reputed consultancy firm stays intact. There have been various factors that have enabled us to be an industry-leading name. The factors that have given us a cutting edge over our competitors are mentioned below-